Today in the US, 21% of children live below the poverty line.  Children that come from disadvantaged backgrounds have a greater likelihood of developing behavioral issues.  These issues tend to cause children to grow up frustrated and with a lack of trust in others. It is a greater likelihood that these children will repeat the past in their future and spend their whole lives below the poverty line.

The common occurrence of life being repeated without access to a world of abundance makes a clear calling for change to occur.  The situation demands action by those who are willing to get on the court and in the game for these children. The children today are literally the future of the world we are creating.  I see a future of abundance, grace, and joy that is not restricted to the privileged few and instead accessible to all human beings. This future demands action today that will transform the way people create and perceive the world around them.

ToyPrints is a platform for the creative transformation of the lives of children that are at high risk.  We strive to make a difference by introducing children to a world of unlimited possibilities. We accomplish our goal by providing a bridge between something children deeply love and STEAM-based programs that provide skills to create confidence in one’s own abilities.  We know that providing these elements the children we work with will always have access to the possibilities of a brighter future regardless of the current perception of the world around them.

If this mission is something that hits home with you, our request is that you take the action to get involved, spread the message, and donate to transform our future.