Digital 3D Printing & Design Program

Austin Youths Can Design a 3D-Printed Thank You Gift for Today’s Superheroes in the Austin Area! 

Typically at ToyPrints we bring our 3D Printing Programs to summer camps, foster homes, after school programs and other youths and teens in the Austin-area in-person. With today’s challenging times, we can’t bring the programs in person, so we’ve developed virtual programming and online materials to learn about 3D-printing and design an object to be 3D printed remotely.

Our new virtual programming is centered around learning about 3D printing, 3D printing applications during the pandemic and, ultimately, designing a thank you gift to be 3D-printed and delivered, along with 3D printed mask strap extenders, to an essential workers group in the Austin area.

When you hear “superhero”, you might think about Wonder Woman, Superman or Black Panther. But, today there are tons of people putting their lives at risk so you can stay safe and live as much as normal life as possible, not only doctors, nurses, and firefighters, but also grocery workers, delivery drivers, construction workers, chefs, waiters, etc. They are today’s superheroes – Austin’s essential workers. 

In this online program, youths and teens can: 

We’ll print out the thank you designs and also mask strap extenders with our 3D printers. Every month we’ll deliver the mask straps, youth-designed and 3D-printed thank you gifts to “today’s superheroes” also known as essential worker groups in the Austin area.

Once we’ve printed your child’s design, we’ll share a picture and thank you from the essential worker group. 

You’ll need the following materials: 

  • Paper or print-out of the instructions and/or workbook
  • Colored pencils, thin markers, or pens
  • Parental approval of the submission!

Below are links to PDFs of the content.

Check out ToyPrints Virtual Program Full ContentLearn about 3D printing, brainstorming, design & submit an object

Print or Review ToyPrints Virtual Program Workbook 3-page workbook to guide you through brainstorming, designing and printing

Print ToyPrints Virtual Program 3D Design – one page final design sheet

No Printer? No Problem! Use your own paper, take a photo and submit here.