BRAINSTORM: Original Superheroes

Think about or write down as many answers as you can

Who are these superheroes? 

What superpowers or character traits do they have? 

What special objects do they have? How do they represent them?

Today’s Superheroes (Essential Workers across Austin)

Our essential workers in the Austin area are working extra hard this summer to help you stay safe and get you and your family the important things you need.

Tell them thank you for all their hard work by drawing a thank you gift that we will 3D-print and deliver to an essential workers group.

But first to figure out your design, think about or write down as many answers as you can to the following questions.


Who are these people and what do they do? 

Why are they important right now? What character traits do they have?

What special objects represent them? 

What is something you wish you could give or say to them?