How do you find inspiration? We all have different ways to gain new ideas, either for our personal projects, business, work and life in general. Inspiration also comes in waves, at least it does for me. Sometimes I may be feeling stuck and have no clue what to do next, and other times I feel completely inspired and like I can do just about anything. To help me during the times when I feel stuck, I’ve began to find what inspires me: I take a break, read a motivational book, listen to music, and surround myself with people and situations that fuel my creativity. Most prominently, I have felt a strong sense of inspiration from my involvement with ToyPrints.

I first heard of the idea, a few months back when my husband and fellow board member, Michael, began to work on a presentation for a group of children. I initially loved the idea and was on board to support 100%, but didn’t necessarily envision it as a project for me. It wasn’t until I began to hear more and more about it, and then assisted in the delivery of the toys to that same group of children, that it all shifted for me. I saw the children feel genuinely happy and grateful as they received their toys and creations. It was a strong feeling of fulfillment that I felt, knowing I was part of making such a positive impact on these children. This shift was not only as I realized the power of ToyPrints in action, but it was also a shift within myself. All of a sudden my everyday worries and stresses, didn’t appear so big anymore. I felt inspired and happy, filled with purpose and ready to help connect with more children.

At ToyPrints our work is to help youth find their creativity, discover new paths and feel empowered. I also love that through ToyPrints, we can help other professionals connect with our mission, give back to our community and together be part of something bigger that fuels our inspiration in many ways.

I look forward to the growth of our organization and as our programs continue to evolve.

Until next time,